Philosophy & Mission

Our mission is to be of service to individuals and families who are experiencing or have experienced problems in the wide spectrum of problems related to mental health, substance use, eating disorders, addictions and addiction-like behaviors.  Recognize, orient and guide–to prevent, and ultimately to empower.

We believe such disorders are medical conditions centered in the brain which have significant impact on both the individual and the related family.  They are chronic and progressive in nature.

We believe the problems are treatable.  The process of addressing the problems and recovery from them do not have to start with full willingness, nor need to end with complete abstinence.  Healthy improvement of the condition is better than none at all, and that improvement may fall within a wide spectrum, which each individual gets to choose.

We believe that the recovery process is the responsibility of the individual, not the family, community or society–though families, communities and society have a responsibility to help anyone suffering from addiction or other medical conditions that still carry a negative stigma.

We believe that mental health, compulsive and addictive disorders have a destructive impact on others as well.  The family and friends can develop their own negative symptoms common to such a situation, for which only they are responsible to manage.

RADAR’s Advantages

  • RADAR is not treatment in the traditional sense.  We provide individual therapeutic service as well as group and family supports. While we believe strongly in all levels of treatment–and that treatment does work–we offer something that might be right for where you are now.  Ideally, we’d like to help prevent needs for higher levels of treatment.
  • If treatment is needed, we work with treatment centers–not for them.  Our primary goal is to help you have a clearer picture of what you’re facing and a fuller understanding of options, potentials and possibilities before, during and after.
  • We can be a primary support to the family, whether you or the particular person with an identified person is getting help or not, so the family better understands what’s happening, what they can expect, and how to prepare.
  • We are licensed mental health therapists and licensed alcohol and drug counselors.  Whatever the combination of problems, they will be addressed together.
  • We can continually keep your concerns on the radar, even after treatment, fostering a fuller continuum of care.  Recovery for many people goes far beyond simply stopping the behaviors.
  • We are evidenced based, creating treatment plans according to current research.  That may include harm reduction for some people.  But we’ll help you weigh those options, and arrive at a decision that works for you given your circumstances.


RADAR Counseling is NOT a replacement for the traditional treatment program.  If you were recommended or ordered for treatment then our services will not meet your needs.  We may be able to support you after treatment, or support your family during and after your treatment program.

We are also not a detox or hospital.  If you or your loved one arrives at our facility under the influence of a substance, or it’s suspected to be, we will NOT provide services. As long as there is a safe driver we will refer you the nearest hospital for medical assessment.  If there is not a safe driver we will call proper authorities.

We do not provide “interventions” in the traditional sense, such as those perhaps seen on TV.

RADAR does not believe addiction is as simple as a choice. It may start with a simple choice, but what develops goes beyond that.  However, we do believe individuals are still fully responsible for their actions and behaviors.

Jeff Glover, MA, LPCC, LADC

I have over 16 years of experience working in the field of co-occurring mental health and addiction science.  Initially my specialty focused on adolescents and families which later developed into more focus on eating disorders, co-occuring substance abuse and trauma, particularly with men.  I understands the concerns very well, professionally and personally, and I can help orient you, figure out where you want to be, and help you develop a plan to get there.

Online sessions available.

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