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One of the biggest struggles for you may be convincing that person they have some sort of problem, let alone getting them to come to the assessment.  There are two goals here: 1) Getting that person help; and 2) Getting you help.  When you have completed this page, please see the page For The Family.

For starters there is a myth that people who don’t want to get help won’t be helped.  We understand why people say that; however it’s not true.  Getting them help that meets them where they are does help, and it’s imperative–because if nothing is done, it’s likely nothing will change.

There is also a myth that states “once he/she quits [the addictive behavior] then everything will be ok.”  That does help significantly, no question, but for many that’s not fully true.  When someone we love is deathly sick, it changes all our lives; it changes are daily patterns, our routines, our living environment–and we usually accept it without question with other illnesses–but addiction is still not viewed that way.

It’s important you also understand what addiction is and how it works.  Otherwise, despite our best intentions, you can actually make the possibility of recovery even more challenging.

If you are seeking for your spouse, your parent, your friend or coworker:

  • Get your own support. Like the airline directive: in emergency put on your air mask first, then assist someone else.
  • Make sure everyone is safe, and this includes you.
  • Don’t make it just about him or her.  This is about everyone in relationship with the individual.
  • If you are wanting to know more about signs and symptoms, see the Education Links page.

Please remember:

  • We do not provide “interventions” in the any traditional manner, though we can refer you.
  • If you are bringing the person to the assessment they cannot be under the influence, or suspected of it, as we will not be able to provide services and we may refer you to a hospital.
  • We do not recommend deceiving the person that they are going for some other type of appointment.
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